Malta Grand Chapitre October 2022


The Malta Grand Chapitre was held over two days at the end of October 2022. The program included a welcome Dinner at the Phoenicia Hotel on Friday the 28th and an Induction Ceremony and Gala Dinner at the Corinthia Palace Hotel on Saturday the 29th. The occasion was also a belated celebration of our 40th Anniversary which had to be postponed from last year due to the Covid pandemic. Of note, Malta was also the 40th Bailliage to join the Chaine since it was re-established in 1950.

During the two days of the event, we feel that we managed to showcase a little of our small nation’s history and gastronomic repertoire – enough hopefully, to encourage our foreign guests to return.

Maltese cuisine reflects Maltese History. The different ages and periods of our history – from prehistoric times, through Phoenician, Carthaginian and Arabic rule, the Knights of St. John with their eight langues, the brief occupation by the French and the 160 years of British Colonial Rule, as well as our proximity to Sicily, have all left their mark on Malta`s culinary heritage. Many of the dishes which were introduced to the islands over the years have become integrated and established as authentic Maltese. It is this chequered culinary heritage that made Malta into a melting pot of International Cuisine and now a center of gastronomic excellence.


Two very well-organised tours were arranged for the visiting members and their guests including  a visit to the Silent City of Mdina and Valletta as well as a tour of Marsaxlokk and the Three Cities,


And finally some words from Philip Evins the inducting officer for the event.


'My visit to Malta to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chaine des Rotisseurs in the islands was in fact my first.


I found the reputation of Malta’s cuisine based on the Mediterranean sea and the countries around it well founded.  The Gala Dinner in the Corinthia Palace Hotel truly reflected these attributes.


The warmth of the hospitality was outstanding and even on formal occasions such as the induction of members the ambiance created in the event was extremely friendly. As an island nation, Malta is lucky to have members from diverse countries as well as backgrounds and this makes for interesting conversation and sharing of experiences.


On a personal level, I found the history and architecture, particularly in Valetta and the Three cities, fascinating.  I only wish I could have spent more time enjoying them. I'd like to thank Dr. Joseph Xuereb and his team for making myself and my wife so welcome and congratulate them on the whole organisation of the weekend’s activities. Bravo.



Philip Evins

Bailli Delegue de Grande Bretagne

Membre du Conseil Magistral'


Below are three photo galleries from the Welcome Dinner, the Induction Ceremony, and lastly the Gala Dinner