Annual General Meeting at Torri Ta Lanzun, Mensija, San Gwann  on Friday 21st April 2023 


Our Annual General Meeting was again held in this beautiful building in the heart of San Gwann.


Torri Lanzun was originally a 15th-century farmhouse. In 1713, structural modifications were made, enlarging and strengthening it to serve as a fortified building and haven for local inhabitants during pirate raids. It also was used as a hunting station for the Grandmaster of the Order of St. John. During World War II, it was used as an observation post for enemy planes and was damaged by enemy action. The building was restored in the 1970s and has been the official headquarters of the Order of St. Lazarus since 1973.


Besides the board members, 32 bailliage members attended.


In his address, the Bailli Délégué` Dr. Joseph Xuereb touched on the issues we are having post COVID to find establishments willing to go the ‘extra mile’ for the Chaine and give us that little bit extra with regard to menu, service and value.


He also mentioned membership. While our membership stands at 58, there are concerns in the Conseil Magistral that overall there is a decline in membership and attendance world-wide. The ideal solution to this would be to attract younger members by making our events more attractive in every possible way - variety, venue, cuisine, wine, camaraderie, etc


As World Chaine Day coincided with our AGM it was decided to celebrate the day at the same time. After the meeting a commemorative group photo was taken in the courtyard.


While reading his report the Chancellier Mr Charles Gatt discussed membership, and our activities in 2022 with special reference to the Grand Chapitre which was held in October. Our Bailli Délégué was presented with the coveted Red Ribbon at the Grand Chapitre following his elevation to a new Member of the Conseil Magistral.  It is a great honour for our bailliage to be represented on that prestigious Council.


Our Echanson Dr. Ramiro Cali-Corleo read his OMGD report and discussed OMGD membership, the launch of a new OMGD medal and ribbon and last year’s OMGD event. There are also plans to restart the OMGD newsletter.


The report of the Conseiller Culinaire was read by Mr Bernd Ritschel. Mr Marc Besancon made comments about the various dishes we had been presented during 2022 by the chefs at different venues.


During the Argentier’s report, Mr. Charles Gatt discussed some of the current finacial issues.


The Charge de Presse Dr Mark Bailey asked how many of the members had interacted with the website and as the response was rather poor he quickly went through the actions required to access the Bailliage website.


Following the meeting a reception was held at the Torri when exquisite finger food, supplied by Zest of Hotel Juliani was served and washed down by a fine selection of wines. The wines supplied by Crossbow Ltd. included - Corte Aura Franciacorta -Saten 2021;  Domaine Seguinot-Bordet - Chablis AOC 2021;  Chateau de Mercues - Le Vassal de Mercues AOP Malbec 2019.

The full minutes of the AGM, as well as a photo gallery of the event, can be found in the links below.